Mobility scooters rental

Mobility scooter rental on Gran Canaria.

If you are no longer mobile and you are no longer able to walk long distances, we offer a stable electrical solution.

The mobility scooter and various variants.

We rent the mobility scooter 2.0.

Easy to use and delivered on location.

We know from experience that for many people it is the solution to make their stay in Gran Canaria a pleasant turn. So that you are mobile and you can fully participate in outdoor life.

If you are mobile you can enjoy and admire the beautiful island of Gran Canaria much better and with a mobility scooter it will be made really easy for you.

Mobility scooter rental on Gran Canaria

Immorent-Canarias Mobility

Immorent-Canarias Mobility is the partner for people with limited mobility, and offer high quality electric scooters rental.

Our service extends to the rental of mobility devices of the highest quality to ensure that every rental object meets your needs.

Why don't you choose Immorent-Canarias Mobility the next time you visit?

Friendly and courteous staff service.

Latest Mobility Products.

Day rental.

Free delivery and collection.

Seasonal offers.

A professional and attentive service from Immorent-canarias Mobility, for visitors to Gran Canaria.

At fair prices so you can enjoy your vacation!

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