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Take your own car to Gran Canaria:

Important for this is that you have all the documents ready for the import of the car on the island.

For the importation of the car s in the Canary Islands, one should be informed, how it deals with the import sales tax.

If you move from a European country for the first time, you can import the car and also furniture without paying import tax.
To do this, you will need the appropriate documents to submit to the relevant authorities that you are not a tourist but change your residence within the EU countries.
At the customs clearance one has then with the appropriate the necessary documents you the exemption of the import sales tax.

What do I need for this:

Proof of new home address, through a current lease
Residencia or NIE number (tax number)
the registration certificate of the registration office
ID or passport in copy and in the original to show
the vehicle registration
the EU certificate of conformity
for the customs the necessary stamps (sellos) with the responsible tax office
and the necessary paper for the Customs from your former driver's office (ask your local authorities for this) The foreign vehicle documents must be brought in the original.
Keep in mind that you also take the insurance policy of your insurer.
Central vehicle register of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office: take an excerpt and a test report from the technical inspection body, the TÜV.
The bringing of the vehicle, which should be changed

Also for the import of furniture, and further inventory by a moving container is required to submit the appropriate papers.
All papers other than the motor vehicle office, as indicated above

For the re-registration in the Canary Islands you have a maximum of 6 months time.
Important is,
come by ferry to the Canary Islands by car
It is very important that you provide evidence at any time during a vehicle inspection by the police through the ferry ticket,
It can be seen whether you are still in the 6-month period.

Within this time, you can then have your vehicle changed to a Spanish license plate.
The new registration of your vehicle in the Canary Islands incurs additional costs, including the TÜV, which is called ITV here.

The car must therefore by the Spanish TÜV, which is usually quite simple here, the vehicle is fine.

Processing of the on-site registration in Spain:

For the sake of simplicity, one can have the introduction / re-registration of his car carried out by a responsible Asesoria, which offers these services.
This then usually also German, so that it is correspondingly easier

So you give the settlement in competent hands and has it easier, but you have to pay extra for these services.

From an engineer, the so-called Homologación of the vehicle is carried out in the entswprechenden workshops. The expert then draws up the certificate for the car

The Asesoria then informs about the costs, which one has to pay.
Among other things, the registration tax of the car s has to be paid to the responsible tax office as well as the vehicle tax at the responsible city hall.
Once all necessary payments have been made, and the necessary certificates are available, the vehicle owner gets the approval, the Permiso de Circulación and a new license plate at the vehicle registration office.

Important is a car insurance with a Spanish insurance, as soon as the license plate for the car is present.
The costs of settlement may differ slightly,
but currently these are at about 120, - / 170, - Euro for the engineer, at the Tourist Office at about 95, - Euro, the vehicle tax is calculated by vehicle type, TÜV at about 65/75, - Euro, the registration tax varies , depending on the car brand, costs for license plates at about 40, - €
as well as the insurance, this one should get various offers. We are happy to behilflcih with us known good insurance, where German is spoken.

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