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Own bank account in the Canary Islands:

The following documents are requested from the banks:

the ID card or passport
and in copy
if possible a Residencia
a current lease (and best of all a copy)
a receipt of what you are living, for example, a contract of employment, or a pension statement or the registration of self-employment as an autonomous person

Banks within Europe have since been instructed to request these documents when the applicant opens an account.

Meanwhile, more and more banks ask for regular account movements through cash receipts.

There are banks that ask for a limit of at least between 300 and 400 euros

Bank charges vary, depending on the bank,
as well as the bank conditions

Not every bank has employees who work there in the languages ​​of the customers.
Often, the bank employees speak only Spanish.

Ask us which banks you can speak in your native language.

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