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Where can I live in the Canary Islands, in which zones / places? This applies to both the tenant and the buyer of real estate.

Of course, it is up to everyone to decide in which places and zones they want to live.
However, it should be clear to everyone that, for example, if you move to the tourist areas, you usually have to pay correspondingly high rents and purchase prices, because it is known that tourist zones everywhere in the world are always a bit more expensive than in the outskirts or far away of tourism.

Do you live in tourist zones next to holidaymakers, where it can be quite often loud, especially with a lot of change of tourists, so your neighbours?
Remember that vacations are different from permanent living.
Often the tenants and buyers do not realize that it is not quite living among tourists.

Then it is worth considering buying or renting in peripheral areas, where it is often much quieter.

And of course rental prices and purchase prices in the peripheral zones are usually lower, and you also have other advantages, such as more square meters of living space.

And often the houses and houses in the tourist areas are built for a short rental period, so more something for a week or a few weeks.
So it is also to consider whether one would like to live there as a permanent tenant or buyer in a touristic property.

Nearby contacts: wouldn't it be nice if instead of tourists in the area, you had neighbours who live next to you permanently?
This way you can at least have a normal life and build up contacts.

That is why the peripheral zones are often interesting for permanent tenants and buyers who want to live permanently in Gran Canaria.

Of course, you can claim that you prefer to stay on the beach promenade, or in the well-known shopping centres Jumbo or Cita, where you can stroll.

But as a regular tenant or buyer, do you really think that you are constantly on the beach or in the shopping centres in everyday life?

The Rand residents in the area also want to go there, so they can take a taxi, or the bus, or you have bought a car or bicycle.

In everyday life, you like to shop outside the tourist zones, because there is often much cheaper there and that also applies to bars, restaurants, etc.

This should help you think and consider looking at areas other than just the tourist areas that people know so well from their holidays.

In the south of Gran Canaria, temperatures are known to be more pleasant, even in winter.
If you go inland, or more towards the northern part of the island, you should expect that you will need heating there, it can also be cloudy or rain more often there.

The greener the environment, the greater the chance that it will rain occasionally.

Prices for sale and rent have risen enormously in recent years
But you can still rent or buy relatively cheaply in certain areas.

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