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Stay the Winter on Gran Canaria

!!! Rent from minimum 4 months!!!

Spend the winter in Gran Canaria and save on heating costs!

Enjoy the pleasant temperatures and relax on the beach.

At Immorent Canarias you will find the perfect holiday home, holiday apartment/flat or villa for your stay in Gran Canaria.

Discover not only the beautiful beaches, but also the various accommodation options such as holiday homes with swimming pool, country houses, apartments/flats and bungalows.

Whether you are travelling alone, with family or friends, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with us.

Visit our website and be inspired by the descriptions, prices and photos.

Gran Canaria is also a popular winter destination for seniors. Come and experience eternal spring in the Canary Islands!

Read our Booking conditions for Stay in the winter.

Stay the Winter on Gran Canaria There are 333 properties.


  • San Agustin

    Spending the winter in San Agustin

    San Agustin, east of Playa del Inglés.
    Here you will find many hotels, apartment and cottage settlements.

    In addition, San Agustín has a very good infrastructure and, with the Clinica Roca, is one of the few cities in southern Gran Canaria with a state-of-the-art hospital.
    So the vacationer in case of health problems is safe here.

    In San Agustin, the entire atmosphere is quieter, so that the holiday guests can fully enjoy the beach holiday on the sandy beaches.
    The promenade right on the beach invites you to take a long walk.

    The rentals are per day already from 35, - Euro, with monthly rent from about 800, - € relate.

  • Playa del Ingles

    Stay the winter in Playa del Ingles.

    Playa del Inglés is a city on the south coast of the island of Gran Canaria. Playa del Inglés Where you are in the middle of tourist life and where you will find many bungalows and apartments. This is ideal for a stay in the winter months. Due to the temperature of 20 to 25 degrees in the winter season, it is wonderfully relaxing. The prices of the accommodation start at 30 euros per day, which is 900 euros per month. The place is known for its long beach and the dunes. The boulevard with its many restaurants and bars overlooking the beach. In Playa del Inles there is something for everyone.

  • Maspalomas

    Spending the winter in Maspalomas

    The Lighthouse of Maspalomas is located in the south of Gran Canaria, in the middle of one of the most visited coastal areas of Europe Maspalomas costa gran canaria.
    Maspalomas is subdivided into 2 parts campo de golf and campo international.
    Here you will find a wide range of bungalows. Here you can rent a bungalow up from 30 euros, which is 900 euros per month.
    There are also countless opportunities to relax during the day and an attractive nightlife around the beaches nearby. Maspalomas itself is quiet and green. For the people for whom rest is important. Wintering in Maspalomas is a quiet alternative on Playa del Ingles.

  • Sonnenland

    Spending the winter in Sonnenland

    Sonnenland is a village built against a hill. With a view on one side of Maspalomas on the other side of Meloneras. Sonnenland has good shopping opportunities because on the other side of the highway is El Tablero with its new shopping center. Duplex bungalows are mainly offered in Sonnenland. You can rent a bungalow here for only 30 euros per day, which is 900 euros per month, to spend the winter months in the sun.

  • San Fernando

    Stay the winter in San Fernando

    San fernando is a village with mainly locals and lies on the border of Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas.
    However, there is an area where tourist development is that between Holiday World and the weekly market of San Fernando.
    Only duplex bungalows are offered for rent up from 30 euros per day, which is 900 euros per month for your sunny winter months.

  • El Tablero

    stay the winter in El Tablero

    If you want to spend the winter months among the locals, El Tablero offers this option. Mainly floor apartments are offered from € 45 per day. These homes are usually very spacious.

  • Salobre Golf

    Spending the winter in Salobre Golf

    Here, the inhabitants of this unique area in the south of the island of Gran Canaria had to work hard to create Salobre Golf & Resort. The only resort on the Canary Islands, which is equipped with two times 18-holes.

    Here you will find a complete practice area, the Sheraton Salobre Golf Resort & Spa, Villas Salobre and the La Casa Club restaurant.

    Salobre Golf & Resort has its own private exit leading directly from the highway to the resort. Both in the direction of Mogán and Las Palmas, all you have to do is follow the motorway GC1 to km53, where you will find the Salobre Golf exit.

    All holiday accommodations offer an exclusive vacation with wellness area, partly even own pool, as well as exclusive equipment.
    The prices are from about 100, - Euro per day.

  • Pasito Blanco

    Spending the winter in Pasito Blanco

    If you want to spend your winter months in a private village built around a marina. That is possible in Pasito Blanco where a village has arisen around the harbor on a guarded private property.
    The houses here are built in such a way that they stand around a communal swimming pool, like small neighborhoods. You can often park in front of the door or in the street. You can do your grocery shopping directly in the neighborhood in the new mercadona supermarket in meloneras. A car is recommended because it is not within walking distance of tourism. In addition to its port, Pasito Blanco also has its own beach. Here the price starts from 45 euros per day.

  • Arguineguin

    spend the winter in Arguineguin

    Arguineguin, a fishing village located in the south, offers a typical Canary village and modern tourism, ideal for the winter months. You will find here mainly apartments or holiday homes. Which are rented from 800 euros per month.
    Arguineguin has a fishing port, and along the promenade and the beach there are many options to eat. You can also buy products here at various supermarkets.
    All in all, a good place to spend the winter months.

  • Patalavaca

    spend the winter in Patalavaca

    Patalavaca is located directly on Arguineguin, connected by a promenade, many apartments are offered for rent in the winter months. You can rent here from as little as 40 euros a day.

  • Puerto Rico

    Spending the winter in Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is a place in the southwest and belongs to the municipality Mogan.

    It is located on the south coast of the island. West of the Playa de Amadores, with the artificially heaped up beach, adjacent to Puerto Rico.
    Puerto Rico was opened in the early seventies for tourism.

    The place is considered the water sports paradise of Gran Canaria. It is connected to the network of public buses. As a holiday destination, it is popular and has several shopping centers and shops and restaurants in all parts of the city, which cover mainly the tourist needs.

    The holiday accommodations are per day already from 35, - Euro

    Bungalows and 1- to 2-bedroom apartments are often found here.

  • Tauro

    Spending the winter in Tauro

    In Tauro and Taurito you will find a mix of different holiday options. Whether you are looking for a villa, apartment or bungalow for the winter months in Gran Canaria. All this comes together in Tauro and Taurito. There are purchasing options and a beach. If you want quiet sunny winter months, tauro and taurito are the place for you.
    Here the prices start from 900 euros per month.

  • Playa del Cura

    Stay the winter in Playa dl Cura

  • Playa Amadores

    stay the winter in Playa de Amadores

  • Mogan

    Stay the winter in Mogan

  • Special holiday

    Spending the winter as Special holiday

  • Las Palmas

    Spend the winter in Las Palmas

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Showing 1 - 8 of 333 properties
Showing 1 - 8 of 333 properties

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