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Property for Long term rental

Immorent-Canarias is your reliable real estate agent in Gran Canaria to help you find a house, apartment/flat, bungalow or villa for rent.

Before renting a property in Gran Canaria, it is important to research the differences and customs that may differ from your home country.

Ask yourself the following questions: What expectations do I have of the rental property? How much do I want to spend on it? Do I bring pets? This can be a problem for some rental properties.

Also consider which part of the island you would like to live in. There is a wide variation in the rental property options available. Would you like to rent a house, apartment/flat or bungalow in Gran Canaria?

In the south of the island, which is mainly intended for tourism, the cost of a small one-bedroom rental property starts on average at 700 euros per month. The further you get from tourist areas, the cheaper it becomes to rent a property.

Since 1998, Immorent-Canarias has been supporting people from abroad who want to move to Gran Canaria and build their permanent life here. We are happy to assist you with our many years of experience and expertise.

Property for Long term rental There are 118 properties.


  • San Agustin

    Longterm rentals in San Agustin, suburb of Playa del Ingles. Centrally located by the sea, just minutes from Playa del Ingles.

    This suburb impresses with its cheaper rental rates for longterm rentals.

    The shopping center on the seafront means you do not have to go far for shopping. The place is a bit quieter, as the tourist bustle in Playa del Ingles amused, so you can get nice quiet accommodations also near the sea for rent.

    Here you will find 1- to 2-bedroom apartments for longterm rent, 1 to 2 bedroom bungalows  long-term rentals for residents. On the hillside you almost always have the direct sea view and the view of the dunes here mostly you will find apartments and bungalows for rent.

    The beachside accommodations are often central to the San Agustin shopping center, mostly close to the new beach promenade with its sandy beaches and coves. San Agustin has become very popular, because you still find peace and still lives centrally.

    Next to San Agustin is the beach Playa de Aguila. Here a car would be appropriate, one should determine there for a domicile there.

    San Agustin is directly adjacent to Playa del Ingles, so you have a few minutes walk for the Tropical Shopping Cener.

  • Playa del Ingles

    Rentals in Playa del Ingles, the tourist heart of Gran Canaria.

    Here you are right in the middle of the action, shopping, bars, discos, restaurants and the famous Playa del Ingles beach with its fantastic dunes.

    Due to the high demand for real estate and the limited supply, rental prices have unfortunately increased extremely in the last 2 years. So you should definitely consider comparing rental prices in the neighboring towns.
    You often get bigger and nicer rental offers there than in Playa del Ingles.

    Here you will find predominantly tourist-built bungalows and apartments, which are offered on average from 35 m² living space.

    The apartments with 1 bedroom start at around 750 euros.

    The apartments with 2 bedrooms start at 900 euros.

    The bungalows with 1 bedroom are available from around 800 euros.

    The bungalows with 2 bedrooms from about 950 euros.

    If you are looking for a domicile with your dog, this is not a matter of course for the landlords in Playa del Ingles, animal husbandry is often already prohibited in the complex because of tourism!

  • Maspalomas

    Maspalomas is centrally located, yet quieter than Playa del Ingles.

    Resident here like to live here, since here are mostly plants with bungalows for rent.
    The famous Maspalomas beach with its new promenade has become a popular meeting place.

    The bungalows are mostly equipped with 1 to 2 bedrooms and American kitchen.

    1 bedroom bungalows are available from 700, - Euro,
    Bungalows with 2 bedrooms from about 950, - Euro, depending on equipment and size.

  • Meloneras

    West of the lighthouse begins Meloneras, the newest and most luxurious part of Maspalomas.

    It became necessary to break new ground in the development of this holiday region. Due to the decision of the Canary Islands government to approve only new hotel buildings of the upper class from "four stars plus", emerged here in recent years, some of the best hotels on the island, which also meet the changed, increased demands of many tourists.

    In recent years, small residential complexes have settled here, where you can also rent for long-term houses and duplex houses.

    Unfortunately, therefore, most rental properties are also expensive due to the excellent location.
    This then mixes with holiday apartments and holiday bungalows, which usually offer 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms.

    Just behind Meloneras, Hornilio is adjacent to the new semi-public, semi-private hospital. Incidentally, German is spoken in this hospital as there is always a translator nearby.
    In Hornilio and Meloneras Hill are family houses and apartment buildings. Depending on the size of the living space, rents vary greatly.

  • San Fernando

    San Fernando is a district adjacent to Playa del Ingles.

    Here there are no tourist accommodations, accordingly, the prices during shopping here are much cheaper.

    Also in the rental price you get more living space for less money compared to the tourist resort of Playa del Ingles.

    Nevertheless, you are fast at the sea and in the heart of Gran Canaria.
    San Fernando has good schools, kindergartens and a lot of shops and offices.
    You can easily walk to Playa del Ingles and the beach from many parts of San Fernando.

    The single-family houses and terraced houses or detached houses are at a rental price up from 950, - €.

    The apartments and flats are very cheap without balcony under 850, - Euro.

    Or an apartment with balcony or terrace in San Fernando up from 850, - Euro.

    San Fernando also has districts where you can get a bungalow with a garden.
    These bungalows have 1 bedroom or 2 bedrooms.
    Again, the rents are up from  850, - Euro.

  • Montana La Data

    Montana la Data is a small village above the road leading to the Palmitos Park.

    You drive 6 minutes by car to Playa del Ingles. At this place, rental rates are surprisingly low.

    Two-bedroom housing has already been priced at less than 500 euros.
    These rooms are often apartments with 1, 2, 3 bedrooms with balconies or small houses consisting of 1 or 2 bedrooms with a small garden.
    Here you like to walk if you want to distance yourself from tourism and want to enjoy peace and quiet.
    A car is needed here, as the bus service is poor.

  • El Tablero

    El Tablero is a small town, about 5 minutes drive away from Playa del Ingles.

    This place is located above the Sonnenland and is characterized by low purchase prices in the well-known supermarket Mercardona, where you can buy all food at reasonable prices.
    The bars and restaurants in this typical Canarian place are sociable and also cheaper than in the tourist area.

    Accordingly, this place has developed very well with the benefits and cheaper rental rates.
    It has become a popular residential area even among the Germans. Ideal for families, as well as schools and kindergartens are available.

    Here you get good apartments with terrace or balcony, even with 1 bedroom from 700, - Euro.

    Apartments and apartments are available with 90 to 100 m² of living space from 900, - Euro, depending on the equipment.

    The terraced houses and family houses are on average from 900/2000, - Euro.

    In the new district of Tablero there are very interesting beautiful offers with German kitchen standards, air conditioning, new equipment, ect ...
    You should at least once look at this place and also the accommodations offered there, be it an app, a beautiful bright apartment with balcony or large terrace to feel good, or a beautiful terraced house.

  • Sonnenland

    Sonnenland a place centrally located next to Maspalomas, with good bus connection and many supermarkets, just 3 km as the crow flies to the sea.

    Very popular because of the low rental rates for bungalows with garden area and popular with pet owners, because you will find here still possibilities to accommodate with his animals good and cheap.

    Bungalows with 1 bedroom are offered from 700, - Euro.
    Bungalows with 2 bedrooms from 900, - Euro.

  • Pasito Blanco

    First, a new marina with sailing school and private campsite was built in Pasito Blanco.

    Due to its isolated location (about 6 km west of Maspalomas), this small harbor is attractive to many, who like it a little quieter. The gate to the harbor is guarded around the clock, so you can safely leave your boat here for a long time.

    The approach and the entrance to the port are relatively easy, and the Club de Yates de Pasito Blanco operates a 24-hour guard.

    Again, the holiday rental mixes with the long-term rentals.
    So you can rent in different sizes and price ranges, depending on the equipment bungalows, apartments and terraced houses and detached houses.
    Many have a parking space for the car with them. Otherwise you park on the street in front of the house.

  • Ayagaures

  • Salobre golf and Salobre

  • Arguineguin

    Arguineguin is a small coastal town in the south, about 15 minutes drive from Playa del Ingles.

    The fishing port is active - in recent years, the place has become a very popular tourist center, especially popular with Germans.

    Despite this development, it has managed to preserve the charm of the old village center, where you can find several good fish restaurants and some lively bars.

    Tuesdays are always the busiest time, because on this day one of the biggest weekly markets in the region takes place.

    A beautiful coastal promenade links Arguineguin with the stunning beaches and coves of Patalavaca, where some luxury hotels and apartment buildings have become established.

    These accommodations are often 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with balconies.
    Or small houses consisting of 1 or 2 bedrooms with a small garden area These are offered for long term rentals.

  • Patalavaca

  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico is the largest town of Mogan. Here is an artificial sandy beach, a promenade with cafes and a marina.

    Here live mostly Englishmen and Scandinavians.
    Here you will find apartments and bungalows for rent.

    Puerto Rico is the water sports center of the island. Hardly any water sports activity which is not offered here. Boat trips, deep-sea fishing, sailing trips, dolphin tours, dive boat trips, parasailing, boat rentals and much more; the range of offers is large, as well as the number of providers.

    Despite the primary focus of the place on the mostly English visitors, the culinary offer is very diverse and the menus mostly international.

    Here are some of the best restaurants on the island and the nightlife is also impressive.

  • Tauro

  • Playa del Cura

  • Playa Amadores

  • Mogan

    Puerto de Mogan and Playa de Mogan, this place has the best year-round temperatures and the most sunshine hours, as well as low rainfall.

    The place is a popular destination, the so-called Venice of Gran Canaria The pretty little houses have been lovingly restored, with often maintained roof garden.

    Across the lanes connect with hibiscus and bougainvilleas overgrown stone arches opposite houses.

    Romantic little bridges over the canals as well as the small cafes and restaurants located directly on the marina complete the romantic picture.
    In the harbor are yachts from all over the world.

    Between Puerto Mogan and Arguineguin or Puerto Mogan run several times a day the excursion boats.

    The older rental accommodations are often located on a slope with many stairs. The new development zone to the left of the harbor offers modern apartments.

  • Cercado de Espino

  • Playa de Arinaga

  • Castillo Romeral

  • Juan Grande

  • Doctoral

  • Vecindario

  • Santa Brigida

  • Las Palmas

  • Galdar

  • Teror

  • Firgas

  • Tejeda

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Showing 1 - 8 of 118 properties
Showing 1 - 8 of 118 properties

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