Renting property with animals in the Canary Islands:

If you want to live with your pet in the Canary Islands, anyone can understand, the animals are like our children, and we are usually very attached to them.

Unfortunately, not every Southerner sees it that way, not even every landlord.In addition one must know in advance how the southerners used to live with animals.

Most older locals only know that the animals live outside the house, whether on the property as a watchdog, for example.

or unfortunately on the roof or balcony of a property, which seems rather strange to us, because we live with our animals.

Or you keep animals in specially made "scales", that too is rather strange for us, especially since we are known as very social animal lovers.

But, if you do not know it differently from childhood, then you are an animal tormentor?

Personally, I do not find this kind of animal husbandry nice, but I try to understand the background of southern countries and their livestock ... let's just ... understand why this is done. I do not accept it, that should be clear to everyone.

It is nice that in the meantime more and more young southerners buy animals and live with them in the house, and they just as much as we do.

Nevertheless, it is just older landlords difficult to rent to tenants with animals, as they rent at least furnished, and often have concerns about the furniture.

And unfortunately, there are also among the foreigners pet owners who do not properly comply with house rules, the cats have, for example, clearance within the facilities, even with the neighbors pay a visit, ect .. that does not always come across positively. Thus, in many plants no animals or only very limited are allowed.

Or that the garden is used as a toilet for pets.

Thus it comes that less and less landlords want to rent to pet owners.

To the suffering of the pet owners.

There are still exceptions, but keep in mind that the more pets you bring, the more likely you will be to dislike the landlord.

This often refers to tenants with, for example, several cats or dogs.

So they often look for longer, or can rarely get the beautifully decorated property, as many landlords prefer tenants without animals.

If one then also has to work, it would be better to keep an animal for one's own purpose, but the animal is alone all day long.

And you can not take his animals everywhere, restaurants, beach, promenade, ect ... the temperatures are so many animals to create.

I'm a big animal lover, but anyway, everyone should go in and see if he's getting an animal or taking him south. I would be happy to help any pet owner always with matching real estate, but unfortunately, you are often blocked here by the landlord. The selection is unfortunately limited in many zones.

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