Moving with own furniture :

Of course you hang on your furniture, and if you move within his own country, so you take his furniture of course.

But in other countries this is often different. For example, in the Canary Islands, the owners rent furnished, rarely unfurnished.

So the other way round, as we know it from home.


To make matters worse, the properties abroad are often different on average, as in our home.

Especially in southern countries you live mostly outside because of the milder climate.

In other words, one usually has small windows so that the heat and the sun remain outside, and it remains cooler and more pleasant inside. This is rather unusual for citizens from 4-seasons countries because we have the other way round, big windows, the warmth, when it is there, also in our homes and apartments.

But you get used to the fact that over time you usually take the thinking of the locals here, and enjoy the cooler temperatures inside the property when it's hot outside.


The bedrooms: are used in the southern countries exclusively for sleeping, thus usually correspondingly small, the 1 double bed or 2 single beds and a fitted wardrobe fits into it. Sometimes even a dresser. If you get the idea to take your own large bedroom with large furniture, it can happen that you find it hard or not the right property for your own furniture.


Living room: mostly in the living area is the kitchenette with integrated, so not in an extra room.

If that is so, then you usually have the kitchen with a stove, sink, cupboards and a fridge.

If you want an oven, dishwasher, ect ... it may be that the larger properties with accordingly separate large kitchens are much more expensive in the rental price than normal.

The living rooms are usually rather small, as most prefer to stay on the terrace in good weather in the south.

Again, large living room furniture are more of a hindrance with matching properties,

or they are expensive homes with a lot of square meters.


The bathroom: now often with a shower, sometimes with a bath, but the landlords who renovate the bathrooms, often opt for a shower cubicle. In most cases, the washing machine is integrated in the bathroom, and if not, then in the so-called patio or outside.


Patio: a storage room, mostly next to the kitchen, sometimes covered, sometimes open without a roof.

Some landlords build this as a small guest room and then offer the property with 2 bedrooms.

Good, for 1 person this is enough, but as a normal guest room too small.

If necessary, you should then consider renting a property with 2 bedrooms, where then at least 2 beds fit in for the visit.


Kitchen: the kitchens are already stocked with dishes and other utensils, so happy. But this is not self-evident with furnished rental !! Normally the tenant buys dishes, towels, pots ect ... even to own taste.


Balcony or terrace: most of the landlord has at least a small table and chairs in the outdoor area.

If not, then patio furniture is reasonably affordable.


Garden: If you rent in facilities, so is usually a gardener of the plant on site, which mows the gardens of the real estate, cutting plants and trees, ect ... usually already there, the tenant pays this through the administrative costs of the so-called Comunidad., also bears the community costs of the pool.


Utensils for living room and bedroom:


Bed linen is already available, well, because you can be happy. If not, then you can buy yourself matching taste, what pleases.


So it is with inventory in the living area: is a TV there, nice. If not, you buy one. There are now many ways to buy things cheap.


The landlords are not obliged to provide for the tenants, for example, their international television programs.

Since this is not very cumbersome, you only need a satellite dish, a resiver, a TV and a TV technician who joins this, the costs are limited, and should not be a problem for the tenants.



Basically, the landlords in the southern countries are very cordial and also very friendly towards us foreigners.

So it is always good, you keep a friendly relationship with his landlord.


Consider whether it really must be to take your own furniture with you when moving through a forwarding company.


If you want to set up your own furniture, it would make sense to look at unfurnished homes (attention, unfortunately, less often than furnished), and then set up on site with the appropriate furniture.


This saves the forwarding costs, for which you better set up new here, if you then necessarily own furniture.


So you do not later have the stress that you do not find the size you want for the furniture, or would have to rent more expensive larger properties with more square meters.

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