Nie number

The NIE number is a tax number needed to:

to buy a property in the Canary Islands
to buy a property in the Canary Islands
for an employment contract
for registration self-employed / autonomous
to register a car in the Canary Islands to be able to pay according to car taxes
or that you apply for it provisionally, until you have a Residencia.

but be careful, a NIE number is only valid for 3 months, if you have these, but not for the above tasks.

That is, if one uses the NIE number 3 months for tax purposes, it extinguishes tacitly and you must, if you want to use them later after 3 months, apply again.

So it makes sense, the one NIE number requested only if you need them in a timely manner.

In the meantime, the NIE number is also requested for other purposes.

Since some banks, or insurance companies, telephone companies, ect ... request a tax number from the applicants,
many use the NIE number.

When requesting a Residencia keep the same number, since the then provisional NIE (the tax number) also later in a Residencia the same tax number remains

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