These are needed if you permanently move your residence to Spain!

The current conditions for this are:

The lease must be active for at least 1 day.
It is not, therefore, that the beginning of the lease some time later, and you want to do before the authorities.

The lease must have at least a rental period of 7 months

For the official re-registration you have some time.
So far, this could be done within 7 months of moving

For this you need the following documents:
a lease in the original, which is active at least 1 day (that is, it starts from, for example, 01 November, you can from 2 November to the authorities)
1 copy of the lease
ID card or passport in duplicate (both sides ID) or
2 copies of ID or passport
Proof of the police who live here (for example, pensions, or employment contract or self-employment), must be translated into Spanish, can be translated by a translator who can officially authenticate documents. In DL or even here possible
If you have no evidence of the above collateral, you must pay at least 5000, - Euro per person on a Spanish account. (but this can be changed by the authorities at any time)
you need a health insurance, which comes up here in Spain in case of illness or accident, ect ..

Depending on which private health insurance is insured in Spain, these offer different conditions and prices.

Depending on whether you have medical histories,
or how old you are when you take out health insurance.

if you are in a statutory health insurance, then we need from this for the authorities gear the E 121 - bill !! Please have it handed over to your health insurance, I have to submit here even when applying for statutory health insurance change with you

if you would like to have health insurance here, then we have appropriate evidence for it .. but keep in mind that private health insurance:

- only accept new customers at a certain age.
The age is required

- before this starts, a delay of 6 months is provided, so in that case you should at least stay insured with a current health insurance

- And private health insurance does not insure the diseases that you already have (Ex: diabetes, heart problems, cancer, ect ..)

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