Tourism law for short-term rentals to tourists

according to the latest state of the government from the summer of 2019

To be able to rent a property touristically, you need
A certificate of eligibility, the so-called Abidalidad, must be requested in advance.
Once you have these, you can then go further steps.
Companies receive a digital certificate.
Then the license for holiday rentals with a short rental period could come quickly from the competent authorities.
It must also be a sign for the tourist rental V V visible attached to the property from the outside!
But you should first inquire at the Comunidad (the property management), if this touristic rental allowed.
If this is not the case, you can not rent touristy.
The property must be registered for tax purposes with the IGIG (VAT)
The owner does not need to pay IGIG for up to 30,000 Euros per year.
Furthermore, it is obliged as the owner to apply for the petition, and interpret the for the tourists in the property for the purpose of complaints.

Depending on the system and location, it can happen, you do not inform yourself first,
that exclude the investment of own tourist lettings,
others not. So it is urgently necessary to obtain all the information before renting without permission from all sides tourist.

If a facility is registered as a tourist rental to 100%, so the tourism office can prohibit the private use of these properties!

Important: for each individual property that you want to rent touristically, you need a separate number.
This means that if you have, for example, 5 properties, then requested accordingly 5 different papers with identifiable number.

If one uses a number for several real estates as one, one must reckon with penalties of 30.000, - euro.

Who rents tourist portals via Internet portals, should be aware that the Spanish government now checks these portals, the portals the names of landlords, and all other data as all previous bookings for the last 5 years must give out.

The portals point in the portal conditions out that each landlord / provider is responsible for itself to apply for all the necessary papers and submit them during inspections.
The portals are not liable for ignorance of the landlord.

In the bookings you have to do the following steps: every booking must be registered / registered with the police within 24 hours if possible: Gardia Civil.
You also need a copy of the books from the passport or passport and their address.

If you have no bookings, you must also inform the Gardia Civil.

Many landlords are of the opinion, what went well without necessary papers, will continue to go so.
The government points out that it is in full swing to carry out controls and to severely penalize landlords who do not abide by the law.
Even if it sometimes takes more time, because the inspectors retrospectively review the landlords 5 years later, you should not forfeit this risk, according to the government to illegally rent.

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