What do I have to consider as a buyer when buying a property:

It is always good, you get informed in advance about the process of buying a property abroad.
Each country can have different conditions.

In the Canary Islands it is currently the case (may vary slightly if the legislature makes changes accordingly, but this is a good guideline)

to the purchase price further costs of about 9 to 10% are added.

- This is 6.5% or 5.0% real estate transfer tax for second-hand real estate.

- Notary and land register entry amounting to 0.5 to 1%

- Plus Valà (capital appreciation tax) depending on the agreement (usually buyers and sellers share this, but must be discussed in advance with all parties in general)

- Registration costs for entry in the Land Registry

According to Spanish tax law, every non-resident in Spain needs a lawyer or tax adviser. We can offer you this in German or English!

When reserving a property, a down payment of 10% of the purchase price must be paid.
This is done with signature of all parties on the same day by the buyer in cash.
Here, the parties sign the purchase preliminary contract, the Opciòn de compra.

Thus, it is essential that you, as far as you have found the right purchase object,
the 10% would have to pay, so that your dream real estate for you then is safe, without someone else can "snatch it" this. The owner can not then resell this house.
From the day of the purchase pre-contract, the notary's appointment will usually be set within the next 4 to 8 weeks (may also be agreed later in exceptional cases) with the agreement of both parties. Until then, the purchase amount should be available on a Spanish bank.

If buyers and sellers agree, the notary can also be specified later. So are the 4 to 8 weeks no obligation.

The notary will then sign the notary contract on that day, handing over the keys and paying the balance of the purchase price.

The buyer is required to apply for a NIE number at the police (included in our service)

In the meantime you can also order a NIE number directly from the Spanish consulate via internet.
Does one need until the property is ready for purchase ...

You expect about 2 to 6 weeks to get the NIE number via the Internet after application

Internet address:

The buyer must open a Spanish bank account in Gran Canaria. (is included in our service on request)
We also cooperate with German-speaking banks, where customers always have German-speaking contact persons on site!

Purchase process with us:

1. beforehand so much information is exchanged with each other, as only possible, so that everyone knows in advance with a lot of information know (when you come to Gran Canaria / When purchase / financing ...)

2. It is agreed between us a fixed appointment, when you are in Gran Canaria and then come to the first personal conversation in our office.
(with ID or passport)

3. After we get to know each other, we will take further steps, such as visiting the property, which the buyer wants to see

4. Only when the buyer has determined for a property, a purchase preliminary contract is closed and a reservation deposit due (not before!)

We work with a notary, so that everything has its order, and nobody is on the insecure side
(neither buyer nor seller)

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