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San Agustin

Immorent-Canarias your real estate agent for buying a property in San Agustin.

Such as an apartment, bungalow, villa or other real estate in San Agustin on Gran Canaria.

In San Agustin you have several options in the type of property that is offered.

There is a part built on the slope of a hill to the seaside, mainly bungalows and villas in the upper part.
For the beach there are usually flats, flats in buildings with 2 to 3 floors, mostly with sea views.
In the second street to the sea are mostly bungalows or small apartment, flat complexes. San Agustin has a wide and varied selection of properties for sale.

Whether you want to buy a villa, bungalow or apartment or flat this village has a shopping centre, a supermarket, a bus stop, a hospital beach and tranquillity with greenery.

The ideal place for a second home in Spain.

San Agustin There are 12 properties.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 12 properties
Showing 1 - 8 of 12 properties

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