If you want to rent at a later date:

There are the following variants how we from Immorent Canarias can proceed with our clientele:

Landlords allow you to choose the right property from 4 to 5 weeks before arrival, whether from home, or directly on site.

A) you choose in this time before with us on the Internet from matching, of course, we send on request, more information and inform beforehand regarding all your questions.
If you choose to do so, you must pay a deposit and commission at the convenience of a property for the purpose of firm reservation of the selected property (which is then only blocked for you and no one else is offered)
Upon arrival, you move directly and pay the landlord the 1st rent.


Possibility B)

you take on the day of arrival of the emigration a pension, apartment, ect ... for 2 or 3 working days (is also possible about us) and then looks live with us all possible accommodations that are eligible.
Once the decision is made, the lease usually takes 24 to 48 hours and then you move in.

Many tenants use the second option as they would like to see the property on the spot before they rent it.

This is not a problem for us
because the tenants inform us in advance exactly what is important to them in the future property,

Size, location, amount of bedrooms, rent, ect .... you can select in advance before arrival of the prospective buyers according to e real estate, and then visit 1 day after the arrival of customers.

Entry by favor is thus possible either immediately or at least within 24 hours after inspection.

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