We are looking for rental properties for our holiday customers from Germany / Switzerland / Austria and other good countries we have.

We also want us to offer your property to our customers.

Information about the apartment:

Sometimes it happens that a property needs to be rented out.
Immorent Canarias is your trusted advisor to help you with the solution
To present your property well and develop a suitable strategy to rent your property.

we offer:

We visit your property to give us a personal impression and to speak with you personally

We discuss a rental price with you that you can reach on the rental market

We advertise your property on our website, which is easily found worldwide through Google in different languages

Of course, we only mediate to reputable tenants who need to bring proof of credit

In our office, your property is well presented

We will automatically offer your property to prospective tenants who request suitable search criteria that suit your property

It is important to us that the tenancy between tenant and landlord is good

Our service is free for the owners and absolutely free.

We rent with a minimum season of 4 months! For rentals of less than 4 months, a special license is required.

Of course, if the landlord wishes, we also rent out with a longer term.

At these rentals we rent as described:

If a tenant reserves, the tenant must pay the full amount of the entire period in advance.
Thus, it is guaranteed that the rental period is binding, without withdrawal and without reimbursement of rental costs by the landlord.

On the day a reservation is confirmed, the lease is binding on all parties. That is, the tenant can not back down.
But not the landlord, and the tenant can book the flights accordingly, without risk.

Assuming that the tenant does not come for one reason or another, the landlord does not have to reimburse the money.
The renter will take out a travel insurance so that the renter reimburses the amount of the trip.

What are the benefits for the owner?

We check the tenants and only rent to good customers with a minimum age.
If the landlord wants to, we will send a photo of those interested if they ask for your property for reservation.

The owners and their property are preferred by us with personal attention.

Avoid the spread of house signs in the house that confuse the tenants
Thus, the landlord has only selected tenants, and everyone saves unnecessary time with visits from interested parties, which one does not wish from the outset.

Our contracts are in Spanish

We do not rent to young tenants

In the lease, the owner is very well secured with very good conditions.
The tenants receive from us the rental conditions in the appropriate language additionally.

Our service is free: we remain translators when there are language and communication issues between owners and tenants

Important for the long-term winterers are the following things:

- Television with ASTRA programs.

(It's not expensive, just an Astra antenna and a resiver, for example, the Leroy Merlin antenna over 70, - Euro and Resiver over 40, - Euro) ... without ASTRA foreign programs do not rent the tenants

- A filter coffee machine should be available

- Duvet cover inside (Nordicos) for beds (cheap at IKEA) should of course be for the landlord

- Owners, who can also offer Wifi, are especially welcome by the tenants. The tenants pay in this case, they rent with Internet, the additional monthly fee to the landlord.

- Before the arrival of the tenants, 3 keys should be available for the property (2 for the tenants and 1 for us during the rental period of the tenants).

A cleaning lady during the rental period does not need to be provided by the tenant, as the tenants keep the property clean during the entire rental period.

The landlord has the obligation to keep the garden area clean. This refers to the lawn, if any, and the plants and trees.

The owner has to clean the property and the terrace or the garden area about 1 to 2 days before arrival of the tenants.

For the arrival and departure of the tenants Immorent Canarias is also present.
And if tenants have questions, we translate the entire rental period into Spanish.

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