Conditions for the brokerage of holiday flats, Bungalows and houses

- 1 business purpose
The aim of Immorent-Canarias is to refer to holiday homes and flats that can be rented directly from the landlord and without expensive flat fees.

- 2 placement activities
Immorent-Canarias mediates the conclusion of contracts for holiday accommodation between customers and service providers.
Service providers are landlords or local agencies. Immorent-Canarias is only an intermediary and not an organizer.
This means that the contractual partner of the customer is the respective landlord or agency on site. With these
the rental contract is concluded, but not with Immorent-Canarias.
All information and representations regarding the holiday homes and objects are based exclusively on information
of the respective landlord. The accuracy and completeness of the information cannot and will not be checked by Immorent-Canarias.
Even if these offers are taken advantage of, Immorent-Canarias is not the provider of the
Performance. The customer has his own contracts with the respective service providers, whereby the respective contractual conditions of the service providers apply.

- 3 Representation of the landlord by Immorent-Canarias in individual cases
In individual cases, Immorent-Canarias acts as a representative and on behalf of the landlord. Immorent-Canarias only has power of representation
to the extent that the contract offered by the landlord,
(referred to as “Booking Confirmation”)
to the customer and to accept the rent for the rental objects booked with the landlord from the customer
and forward it to the landlord. The booking confirmation will only be signed by the owner of the rental property and sent to the tenant by Immorent-Canarias once the payment has been credited to the account.

- 4 booking process
With the telephone, electronic or written booking, the customer makes the landlord with the involvement
from Immorent-Canarias a binding offer to conclude a rental contract. The customer stays on
his booking request is bound for 3 days from receipt by Immorent-Canarias. A contract is only concluded
if the landlord, represented by Immorent-Canarias, confirms the booking to the customer in writing by e-mail.
With the booking, the customer accepts any existing general terms and conditions of the respective contractual partner
as well as the booking conditions of Immorent-Canarias. When booking, must specify the number of all people
(incl. children) as well as the bringing of pets (including the type/breed) are displayed.
With the booking confirmation at Immorent-Canarias, the transfer must be made immediately. If the payment is not received in the specified account on time, the landlord is entitled to cancel the booking order. In the event of cancellation by
Customers will not be reimbursed for direct booking.
These costs can be covered by travel cancellation insurance, which the tenant takes out himself.
The customer is obliged to check the correctness of the booking confirmation immediately upon receipt
and Immorent-Canarias or the landlord to point out any inaccuracies or discrepancies. Have clues within
to be made within 24 hours of receipt.
- 5 Payment / Travel Documents
The individual payment modalities, the on-site services of the landlord and all others, the subject of the contract
The relevant regulations are from the respective contractual conditions of the landlord (e.g. reservation confirmation,
Booking confirmation, business and booking conditions) which can be derived from this
be created and used. Immorent-Canarias has no responsibility for the content of these contracts
no influence on this.
It should be noted that when transferring the rent, possible bank charges (domestic or foreign)
are not at the expense of the landlord.

- 6 Cancellation / Rebooking
1. Immorent-Canarias is entitled to charge a processing fee for a rebooking / change of date or cancellation. The customer is free to provide evidence
that Immorent-Canarias had suffered no or significantly less damage. Any fees of the landlord remain unaffected.
2. For the possibility of cancellation, the renter should have taken out travel cancellation insurance for the accommodation and for the flights, which then comes into force for it.

- 7 complaints / disturbances in the provision of services
If unexpected difficulties arise during the trip or if the booked accommodation is not properly
the customer must contact the responsible contractual partner immediately.
Immorent-Canarias is not entitled to accept notices of defects. These must be made directly to the landlord
be invoked.
Times Handover on arrival and departure between 9.30 a.m. and 8.00 p.m
ONLY for arrivals and departures between 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. do we charge an additional night surcharge of EUR 100 per trip, which you must pay to us on arrival if the arrival and departure times fall within the specified time! Outside these times, marked in red, there are no additional costs!
If the departure date has not yet been set, we will take a deposit of 100 euros in advance for a possible departure with a night supplement. (This will of course be repaid on departure if the time of departure is without night supplement)
- 8. Fees
For the client's order to our company Immorent-Canarias,
A service fee of 1 month's rent will be charged upon conclusion of the contract
This is calculated from the following services:

- Processing the booking order
- Translation in your language
- Contact person for the entire period starting from your booking
- Upon arrival, handover of keys and handover of the property
- Upon departure, handover of keys and handover of the property
- Availability: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m
- Sat / Sun and public holidays for emergencies via WhatsApp: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m

Return of the property: swept clean!
Upon arrival, a deposit of 300 euros will be deposited with Immorent-Canaria, which you will get back upon departure, provided that the property is returned in a normally swept clean condition (meaning no dirty sofas, rubbish under the bed, ect.  Unfortunately, happened before) and no inventory breakage. This is now mandatory for the owners as security.

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