Mortgage in Spain:

you need more money on a mortgage to buy a property,
you should first ask the appropriate banks, if they get approved at all!

this saves unnecessary viewing appointments if the bank ultimately does not grant a mortgage

this means :

ask a mortgage from your bank in your location,
so you certainly need appropriate credit rating!
These must be submitted there in advance.

If you ask a mortgage here in Spain at the banks, this is what happens:

Info for mortgage in Spain anticipated:
Different from bank to bank!

the banks have different interest rates, depending on the contract length

and it depends on how much of the purchase amount has to be financed?

Do not forget that the Spanish banks want to see the last 3 years tax return.
If you do not have that, you do not get a mortgage. (of other collateral, which one must present anyway, apart!) = you need in addition)
How much equity would you have available?

How old is the applicant? Depending on the age of the customer, the banks offer different lengths of the contracts, that is,
- The older you are, the shorter the mortgage contract will run

- and the higher the monthly ablation will be!

- From a certain age you will not get a mortgage anymore, unless you have collateral, like other real estate, ect ... where then the banks make an exception, even if you were already too old ....

Without confirmation from a bank that you get a mortgage, no matter which bank,

makes sense then to visit before. So, with the necessary mortgage from banks, it would be advisable, at least in advance,
Ask the appropriate bank about the chances of getting a mortgage!

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